Tuesday, January 7, 2014

And So Today, My World It Smiles

And here it is, my first post of 2014. I've been sick since the 1st, so this year can only get more awesome.

I'm sure some of you are expecting some kind of resolution post - it makes sense right after a new year begins, and I assume I've done it before. But I've bored you all with introspective resolution-y type posts over and over this year, so I won't bother doing the obvious.

Instead, I'm giving a bit of thanks. Cuz 2013 was one nutbar roller coaster of a ride, and it's only right to thank the people (and possibly inanimate objects and/or cartoon characters) who shared the year with me.

To somewhat steal from Jimmy Fallon (though I'd rather steal the Roots), my thanks:

Thank you:

- to the most obvious of all, my family and friends for being generally awesome. You're all the bee's knees.

- to the people still reading this blog, through its reincarnations over the years and sometimes awkward subject matter. Come for the wonky epiphanies, stay for the tunes. Then come back for the ice cream. (I should really blog about ice cream. DAIRY INTOLERANCE BE DAMNED!)

- to the internet weirdos who continue to steal my photos and use them as their own. You guys keep me busy! You've also forced me to finally put watermarks on all my pictures. And I should thank the random kind strangers who contact me to let me know about these imposters. Proof that while the internet is full of psycho hosebeasts, it's also home to some helpful folks. So thanks.

-  to my dog, who loyally sits beside me at my desk all day everyday though I talk to her as though she's a person, sing songs with the lyrics changed to be about her, & pace around my apartment muttering incoherently in different languages while brainstorming. Best office bitch ever.

- to coffee. Because it's coffee. And it's just darn swell.

- to 90's rap songs for reminding me that if I still know all the lyrics, and I don't even listen to rap, my memory can't be all that shot. Thanks, Method Man.Uh... Mr. Meth, sir.

- to my carefully curated Rdio playlists for further fueling my music obsessions. I can't quit you, baby.

- to OHIP. If you were a person, I'd hug you and bake you a cake. Without you, I'd be approximately five bajillion dollars in debt, or potentially dead. So yeah... your cake is comin'.

- to my parents. Because they're better than absolutely everyone. These are just facts.

- to my team and clients at The MediaHaus. Collectively, you've kept this little train going. I promise not to make a caboose joke here, but you get the gist. You're all fantastic.
- and finally, to my one true love... food. Never change. Except when I'm cooking you, please change to "cooked".

Yeah. Thanks.

This filler post was brought to you by head congestion and Tylenol Cold & Sinus. 

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