Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Born With Insight & A Raised Fist

Awhile back I started posting some of my favourite albums - either recent favourites, or those that have been at the top of my list forever. But there's a pretty important album that I've not yet posted about, and it must be time.

Let me just take you back a couple of decades. It was 1992, your ol' pal Kris was a mere 9 years old. And an album came along that kinda changed everything. Rage Against The Machine's self-titled.

If memory serves me, the first Rage song my sister ever put on one of my infamous mixed tapes was Bombtrack. And that one song was enough to hook me. So much so, in fact, that it often became part of my internet handles (Y'know... once the internet happened. That's right young readers, I was alive before internet.).

My first-ever blog on LiveJournal/DeadJournal was written by Bombtrack_99; whichever first chat software had been popular, I was Bombtrack_Kris. We should all be highly surprised that this blog you're currently perusing is not called Bombtrack Ramblings. Just sayin'.

I was first hooked to that song, then the rest of the album (come on, what kid doesn't love the end to Killing In The Name? Though I'm more partial to the beginning.), and then there was Zack De La Rocha.

Oh, Zack. How I loved him. In school I'd write his name all over my books - as well as Chino Moreno's and other musicians, respectively - often alongside random Rage lyrics. Because, well... the rage is relentless. And I was born with insight and a raised fist. Also? There's nothin' proper about your propaganda. Fools follow rules when the set commands ya. And so forth.

I'm sure these lyrics all over my books would have caused some concern with my teachers, had they been paying attention.

He wanted to free Tibet. I wanted to have his children.

As I got older my Zack love, while still strong, also gave way to my Tom Morello love.

The dude is just awesome. Ask Springsteen, he'll tell ya.

Tom Morello - he's cooler than you.
And so this Rage Against The Machine fandom has been going on for 22 years. Through all albums that followed their self-titled (Yes, I even like the Renegades album - I'm that person), but I always come back to the first. This one. It has constantly stuck with me as an all-time favourite. I wasn't the least bit surprised when I randomly threw the album on the other day, and still knew every word to every song.

Because, as you already know... the rage is relentless.

(And yes... Maynard being on this track does help make it my all-time favourite.)

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