Monday, June 2, 2014

Inside A Broken Clock, Splashing The Wine With All The Rain Dogs

This is not the usual topic I blog about - the bathroom habits of my dog aren't exactly thrilling reading material. But, when I was asked to do this giveaway I realized that I know a lot of people who could more than take advantage of this product. I'm looking at you, dog owners.

This past winter was rough. I usually walk Daisy a minimum of 6k per day, but that damn Polar Vortex made it pretty difficult - Daisy hated leaving the house. At that time, the Pet Loo would've definitely come in handy and made our lives easier. It's a "backyard in a box", a portable indoor/outdoor toilet for pets that is self-contained and cleans up easily - awesome for people in high-rise apartments, those who work long hours and can't always get back to their dogs in time, pets who are prone to accidents, etc.

To show off the Pet Loo for you folks, here's Daisy doing her very best Vanna White impression. (Yes, I realize that mentioning Vanna White makes me sound old. Darn you kids and your new-fangled pop culture references.)

Just to be clear, Daisy is only standing on the Pet Loo and giving it the initial once-over. I'm pretty certain you all understand how it works, without needing an actual photo tutorial. So I'll spare you that.

I ended up putting the Pet Loo on my back balcony, where it fit perfectly without getting in the way at all & will hopefully distract her from my flowers on the front balcony. Because of our frequent walks, I haven't yet taught Daisy to use it - but so far she likes lying on it in the sun. I guess that counts for something. Dogs dig it.

We've got one Pet Loo to give away ($159.99 value) or a self-cleaning Simply Clean Litter Box system if you're more of a cat person ($139.99 value), on behalf of PetSafe Canada - just enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. Contest is open to Canadian residents only. (Sorry Sweden.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck!

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Meagan said...

This would be so great for Lily (and help out our balcony reno!) Thanks for posting about it!

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