Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Are You Experienced?

Father's Day is coming up, and usually around this time I'm racking my brain trying to think of something for my dad. For someone I'm so similar to, you'd think I'd have no trouble. He's one of the reasons for my musical tastes, my strange humour, and some of my quirky behaviours that don't always make sense to anyone else. We tend to have the same train of thought which, if you know us, is kinda scary.

Ok, it's very scary. But it's a good thing.

You may now kiss the fish. (But you probably shouldn't.)

And yet, even with all that, I tend to have a hard time figuring out gifts for my dad. Whether for Christmas, his birthday, or Father's Day, it always seems impossible to find the right thing. This year my sister and I maybe kinda sorta cheated by giving our parents a joint Mother's Day/Father's Day gift a month back. Hey, it made sense! Parents are always hard to shop for. You know I'm right.

But for you guys? If you're having a tough time, here's something that just might fit the bill for your pops. I'm giving away a $100 LifeExperiences gift card that can be used toward dining, adventure-y trips, pampering, and many other types of experiences - they offer over 500 experiences across Canada.

Studies have shown that experiential gifts bring more happiness than material ones, so this would be perfect for dads. And the best part is that they get to choose which experience they'd like, so you can't go wrong.

 (Although if you choose to keep it for yourself, I won't judge. Really.)

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If you don't win but still dig the idea, LifeExperiences certificates and gift cards can be purchased through their website, with some offers at Shoppers Drug Mart locations. But still - I hope you win. I like the cut of your jib.

G'luck! And Happy (upcoming) Father's Day to my dad, and all of yours!


Joe said...

This sounds like a fun thing to do.
Is fishing one of the things?


I would love to choose the National One Design Sailing - Introduction to Sailing , but there are sooooo many to choose from. Any would be awesome!

Krista Miller said...

I have never been to the majestic Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta and would love to experience a royal stay there!

Colleen Cole said...

Oh my. The personal chef for a week!!!

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