Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Wallflower Waltzin', The Locomotive Crawlin'

I used to go overboard with photos.

I took them constantly - of anywhere I went,  anyone I was with. There were always photos.
No caption does this photo justice - NYE '08

We all did this. But I don't anymore. At some point I stopped keeping track of everything for posterity's sake, and I thought that was a good thing. Hey, I'm a grown up - I don't have to take photos of everything anymore! Progress! 

What, you don't hug like that? - Fall 2007
But... I dunno if that's true. Because of things like Timehop and now the daily Facebook Memories, I see all those damn photos I constantly took years ago and I remember some great times with kickass people. And THAT'S  the point.

Remembering, even the most mundane things. 
We mustache you a question. No really, where'd you get that jacket? - 2010

Sometimes it's bittersweet, because so much can change (ok, so everything changes. All of it). But without some of these photos, I just might forget.

I'd forget people who I've lost touch with, specific events that were pretty important at the time, and even just the same ol' people doing the same ol' thing - when you look back at it, it doesn't seem so run-of-the-mill. It's a memory of what we used to do, or who we used to be.

And that's kinda awesome.
Impromptu pine photoshoot at the Powerball - 2009

So I'm going to start making an effort to take more photos, keep more memories.

Be warned. You just might be a part of it.

We dunno, man. We just don't. - Summer 2007

Because years from now, I don't want to look back at 2015 and have no recollection of anything that happened other than my dog being a friggin' weirdo.

I wanna remember that the rest of us were friggin' weirdos, too.

Pizza, naps & peni - Fall 2014


Justin Baisden said...

I don't know if I'll ever get used to Blonde Kristen.

I try to take photos whenever possible. A lot of times people HATE being in them until they actually see them up online or sent via text. Also, the further removed from the memory, the greater the (typically) positive impact the photo has.

I think we only got 1 photo together from like... 3 years ago? 4? I DEMAND (asking nicely, who am I kidding?) for a hang out + photo or 2 this Summer.

Kris Goetz said...

"the further removed from the memory, the greater the (typically) positive impact the photo has." - you nailed it. Right there.

You likely won't ever have to get used to Blonde Kristen, I highly doubt she's ever coming back. And yes, we require photos! Jesus, we're awful. We'll have to see if any of our Toronto visits coincide over the summer... or if you're in Niagara, or I'm in Hamilton for some reason. It WILL happen. And our pics will be proof.

Masuka said...

Offended there are no Masuka pictures.

Kris Goetz said...

I had a few picked, but they looked far too happy or normal. Surprisingly. I should've looked for the one of us from Nuit Blanche 2010.

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