Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hear The Wind Within The Trees, Telling Mother Nature 'Bout You & Me

I want to share my story of a boy I loved.

He hasn't been on this site for awhile, but for many years I posted about him often. Obsessively, even. Jack was my first dog. He belonged to my ex, Craig, and I quickly fell in love with this sweet and crazy little Jack Russell.

By the time we moved in together, Jack and I were already family.

When we did co-habitate, I was freelancing at home a lot. It was just me and Jack (and our cat, Booey), and he was my best buddy. I spent my days with him, and so he was the subject of many blog posts, because every photo was somehow adorable and every video was hilarious (as anyone who recalls his reaction to the word "chihuahua" can attest to).

I loved him.

But Jack was also a pain in the ass - he was a stubborn barker with a penchant for eating clothes, blankets, beds and anything else we didn't want him to eat. He could be so obstinate that you'd want to pull your hair out, then he'd tilt his head and give you those big brown eyes and you'd want to hug him.

That was Jack. You couldn't stay mad at him for too long.

Eventually, we got Daisy from the same rescue organization Jack came from so we'd have two of these dogs to love, and so they'd have each other.

It was a rough start, but they came to love each other as we hoped they would. They were buds. Thick as four-legged thieves.


Though they no longer lived together after Craig and I separated, they remained the very best of pals. They would go on long walks in High Park and play together often.

I'd have Jack stay with me for a few days here and there, and I know Daisy liked having him around (for the most part - at least until he'd inevitably eat her blankets or chew her bed.) She could kick his ass, and he'd kiss her in the middle of it. He'd have seizures, and she would lie beside him.That was dog love.

Sadly, my sweet Jack passed away earlier this week. He was a fighter - his epilepsy and seizures caused near-misses throughout his life, but he kept pushing through. In the end, it was his lungs that became the problem.

The news broke my heart and made me hold Daisy a little tighter.

These few words and old photos can't really explain how much I love and will miss Jack. It's not something I can verbalize. Looking through years of pictures has made me unbelievably sad because of the loss, but also brings a bittersweet happiness due to the memories of my crazy little dog.

Without him, I really would have missed out. I never would have become the dog-loving (ok, dog-obsessed) person I am today, I wouldn't have Daisy, my family wouldn't have Roxie, and I likely would never know the unconditional love of a pet. He brought all of that to me.

So, to Jack... my first dog, and the boy that changed me... thank you. For so much.

Lots of love from me and Daisy. We will never forget you. xo

A video from 2008. Jack the Destroyer.

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