Thursday, September 24, 2015

And Sure As Days Come From Moments, Each Hour Becomes A Life's Time

Since this week is National Dog Week (September 20 - 26), I thought it presented an opportunity to discuss something a lot of animal lovers feel strongly about - rescue organizations. As you likely know, Daisy was rescued from a pretty unfortunate situation nearly 7 years ago. If it wasn't for Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Ontario (JRTRO), I can't say for sure where my little pigdog would be today.

I'd rather not think about it. I saw first-hand how she was living, and it still breaks my heart.

JRTRO, and other rescue organizations like it, are run by people working tirelessly to give dogs a loving home and better lives. It astounds me every day to read stories of animal abuse and neglect, and thanks to some good-hearted people these animals are often given a second chance. If I had it my way, I'd be able to rescue every dog I see up for adoption. But I can't. At least not until I become an old dog-lady, with a farm full of rescues, no human contact, and questionable sanity. Give it time; it'll happen.

But until then, here's the deal: thanks to PetSafe Canada, we have a giveaway for National Dog Week. There are toys, treats, & other great stuff that your dog will dig. In order to win, there usually isn't much to it. A tweet here, a comment there. But I want this one to be different.

To enter the contest to get some gear for your dog (or for someone else's dog, if you're feeling charitable), I want you to think of your favourite rescue organization. Maybe you got a pet from there, or you just know they do good work. I want you to share their info & spread the word. There are 5 ways to enter, using the widget below.

Maybe... just maybe... thanks to you, we can get more pets adopted.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thanks to PetSafe for the awesome dog swag. Good luck, and happy National Dog Week!

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