Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Maybe I'm Just The Thing To Break My Own Fall

This past Friday, I was sent on another Niagara adventure from the awesome people at LifeExperiences. This time, I grabbed one of my girlies and we headed for a tour and tasting at Beamsville's Angels Gate Winery.

Our day had already been busy from a meeting with a wedding decorator (no, I'm not getting married - yes, Vicky is), and lunch at the Redstone Winery. So by the time we hit Angels Gate, we were ready for that wine.

The drive/walk in is really pretty, leading up to what looks to have once been a chapel or church, with a pond on one side and a view of the Beamsville Bench on the other. And, of course, a winery named Angels Gate must have gates at the front.

I'd be disappointed if they didn't.

It's nice to be welcomed.
See? Pretty.

Once we stepped in, our awesome guide wasted no time getting us started on the wine. If you've ever had a wine tour or tasting with someone who was a bit boring, you know that can make the experience a little dull. I'm happy to say that was not the case here.

She was lots of fun, very personable and taught us a lot (while plying us with wine).

I caught her mid-laugh, so she's awesome & blurry.

Most of what we tried wasn't on this list, it was some VIP treatment

I made an effort to take lots of pictures, and apparently we didn't even need wine to turn us into photo dorks.

I'm 100% ok with that.

This picture was take before a drop of wine was sampled.

The chick was thirsty, obviously.

And then the tasting started. We grabbed our first glass and went downstairs for a tour of where the magic happens.

 We learned things. We drank things.

Between glasses, Vicky posed me for this photo. I'm thinking about wine, while looking thoughtfully out the front window. That's a thing. People do that.

Prepping ourselves for some reds.

An icewine finisher.
I made the mistake of not writing down everything we tried, which is a rookie error. I told our guide/wine slinger/ awesome teacher that I'd try anything she gave me, and was happy to be a guinea pig. Vicky's a white wine kinda girl, with Riesling being her main go-to (and their Riesling is really good). I'm trying to get more into reds (I like to be well-rounded with my alcohol intake, ok?), so we tried an array of both.

Having never tried anything from Angels Gate before, I'm now a fan.

Afterward, we wandered the patio, planning to come back in the summer for some outdoor wine.

My default photo pose.

The reason I chose this LifeExperience was not only because I had never been to this winery and am trying to explore the best of Niagara (though that's probably the more adult answer), it's also because of ongoing wine. Yes, that's right - ongoing wine. This particular LifeExperience includes the tour and tasting, a bottle of wine to take home at the end of it, and then 2 bottles of wine each month for three months sent to your home or office. Go on, do the math. That's 7 bottles of wine, on top of a fun tour and tasting. It is literally the gift that keeps on giving. So can ya blame me?

To learn more about this and other great LifeExperiences, check out their website. They make kickass gifts, especially since you can send them as e-certificates - they can also be purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart. Thanks for the good times, Angels Gate Winery & LifeExperiences!
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