Monday, October 3, 2016

Fifteen Stitches & A Soft Parody

Moving along with the Favourite Albums theme while I've actually been posting regularly, it seems only right to add a Deftones album sooner than later. I know, I know - I have enough Deftones-related posts that it shouldn't be necessary.

Well, I disagree. So there.

But which one to start with? I could literally put each of their albums on this list (and in time I likely will), but I've decided to go with one that has been on my radar a lot lately. Their second album, Around the Fur.

I'd love to say that I remember the first time I heard this record, that the first listen made such an impact and changed my life, blah blah blah. But I can't remember the initial listen. What I do remember is being young (this was 1997, for reference.), and having already been hooked on Adrenaline, their first album.

So I constantly listened to Around the Fur from front to back until I couldn't hear the end of one song without automatically starting to sing the next one. I recall sitting out in my backyard for hours each day, retaining it all like a sponge.

The entire album became branded onto my brain.

Through the years, through their many albums, it's inevitable that I regularly end up on a prolonged Around the Fur kick, re-visiting some of my favourite songs. Peripheral fans likely know this album better than they think, due to the singles: "My Own Summer (Shove It)", and "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)".

But honestly, if you even like those songs in a minimal way, give the rest of the album a shot. "Mascara" is one of my favourites, along with the title track itself (Around the Fur, if you're not paying attention). And don't even get me started on "Dai the Flu" and "Damone", the hidden song. If you're a Max Cavalera fan (or a fan of Sepultura or Soulfly), "Headup" is one you'll dig, as he co-wrote and sang on the track.

Since I recently became dangerously re-obsessed with the Crosses album yet again, I decided to switch things up and dive right back into Around the Fur. These album obsessions are cyclical. They come about for a reason.

In this case, to counteract my anxious and low mood lately, I think I needed something that brought a certain positive nostalgia and the feeling I used to get when hearing these songs. It still works. I still get lost in this album.

Not everyone can relate to my Deftones obsession, and I wouldn't expect them to. But if you can listen to this album and get even a piece of that intangible and somehow indescribable pull, then you have a marginal idea why I feel the way I do about this band.  

Around the Fur is, and always has been, a big part of that.

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