Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Silent In Error & Vocal In Spotlights

I've blogged a number of times about the many mixtapes my sister made for me when I was young. The ones that more or less shaped the musical  tastes in my young Shambled brain.

While it's been a long time since I've gotten one of those tapes (what the hell, Steph?!), my mixtapes of the 80s and 90s evolved into my own mix cds - which I can still remember the tracklists to - and those evolved into something that is now a daily fixture for me.

These days it's all about the playlist.


Listen, I get it. Most people don't do playlists. They throw on entire albums, or shuffle their whole music collection. Fair enough. I do that too. But more often than not I'm deep into a carefully curated, perfectly picked playlist that suits a specific need.  

I'll give you some examples, whether you want 'em or not (you likely don't).

Whenever songs are stuck in my head, new albums come out, or I have certain tunes/bands I'm obsessing about, those songs are all thrown into a "Right Now" playlist that I listen to pretty much every day. I add and delete as needed, but it's on rotation the most. A constant shuffle of the tracks I want to hear until I get completely sick of them.

My most-loved songs? There's a playlist for those. I'm forever adding my all time favourites, and it's a never-ending process. For anyone wondering, it's currently over 9 hours long. (And this is why I can never answer that "5 favourite albums" question. It ain't possible, folks.)

If I want sad songs, I've got the "Stab Me In The Heart With A Ballpoint Pen" playlist. If I want to dance in my chair while working, I've got the aptly-titled "Chair Dancin' " playlist. I have playlists specifically for singalongs, yoga, the nineties, the cottage, road trips, road rage, etc. I also have one called "Kris-Tested, Chino-Approved", in case you were wondering where Deftones-related things stood.

I have long believed that there is an art to the perfect playlist. For the ones with a specific mood or theme, I take slightly obsessive care to ensure that every song fits; they're all pieces of one big musical puzzle. Each song choice is calculated. Just like with a great mixtape back in the day, it's personal. And so a playlist, in itself, becomes a great album. A favourite album, in fact.

So yeah. I love a good playlist. I am a lifelong advocate of the playlist. We're in a relationship & it's gettin' pretty serious.

What's on your favourite playlists?

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