Friday, June 29, 2018

Pitch Burning On A Shining Sheet, The Only Maker That You'd Wanna Meet


Haven't posted anything here since last July, and very rarely for a year or so before that. For the most part, Shambled Ramblings is dead. Neglect and general disinterest set in, and it's been too hard to find anything I actually want to share anymore. This used to be a very personal blog, then evolved into more depression/anxiety-related subject matter, and then morphed into more of a music blog. Since I tend to be more private now than I used to be, and I doubt anyone cares much about my favourite albums, it became tedious. More of a nuisance than anything I actually enjoyed anymore.

All that said, I do still want an outlet. I've been thinking of either re-vamping this or starting something new altogether. When so much of my time is spent creating content for other people, I miss having my own space to spew my shambled brand of random thoughts. It's strange to think that back in the day, people would read this regularly. They cared, for some reason. And because of this blog, I had many opportunities that I otherwise wouldn't have. It's amazing to remember how huge the blogging scene was only a few years back, but it's definitely changed into something else. There's a pretty slim chance that anyone will ever see this post if I don't promote it via social media channels. And it's likely that I won't.

So, we'll call this post a fond farewell... for now. After ten years of posting, it seemed weird to just ignore it until it was entirely forgotten. I didn't forget. I still look back at old posts sometimes, for nostalgia's sake and also to see how much has changed, and to be thankful for certain people whose names never graced these online pages, yet are so important to me in my current life.

We'll see what happens next. A reboot. Something new. Maybe something no else will ever see. But for now, for this particular collection of a decade's worth of ramblings, here's a proper goodbye.

It's been swell.

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