While I have no trouble at all writing about other people, it's proving to be a bit more difficult to write about myself. So here goes nothing.

My name is Kristen, but I usually go by Kris - my full name and I aren't currently on speaking terms. I was born and raised in St. Catharines, then relocated to Toronto. Yes, home of the CN Tower and people who have complicated relationships with sports franchises.

I've been a freelance writer for what seems like a bajillion years, and eventually that grew into what is now The MediaHaus, a creative & marketing agency that I run. (If you want to hire us for social media management, writing, graphic/website design, and a slew of other things including great high fives, email me at kristen@themediahaus.ca).

This blog started in 2007, and quickly became a pretty personal one - my readers all got to know me in strangely intimate ways, and that continued for awhile. Now it's mostly about music, some rants and rambles, and the odd post about anxiety and depression in an effort to eliminate the idiotic stigma attached to both.

But really, the most important thing you or anyone else really need to know about me is that my dog, Daisy the Notorious P.I.G, is awesome.

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